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Koreyography presents: “Misguided Love”

“Misguided Love” – Music Video

Koreyography “Goes Deep”

What’s Next?!?

Koreyography sets the tone with his first release “Misguided Love”. As an artist who takes pride in originality, Koreyography felt it was fitting not to give everything out about him and his music right away. With the sounds of Misguided love, koreyography was able to give you a taste of his style without sharing fully what his artistic style and nature is truly about.


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♬ Misguided Love – Koreyography

During the event, which occurs on the “full moon day” during the second month of the Lanna lunar calendar (the 12th month of the Thai lunar calendar), thousands of rice paper lanterns called khom loi are released into the sky.

Song: 🎶 Misguided Love 🎶

Quick Look

Picture from the “Misguided Love” music video

Misguided Love

Misguided Love represents the humanity and their decisions from “the beginning”. The story of the forbidden fruit, and the curse that follows. Presented in a romantic format and relating it to our current but yet never ending times as human beings.

Unedited Look

Behind the scenes (Short) – Misguided Love