Ladies.. This Krazy guy will trap you! Be warned.. He stays in the streets. Some have wondered if he is an alter ego of Koreyography or not.. Either way watch out ladies. 

Oh and never call him a puppet! 2k has been the spark of several funny videos and his presence is always a pleasant surprise that makes you smile..

Mom Told me to tell YOU..

@2K_The_Real_Deal Back 2 School edition..   

2k – He Mad Y’all!!! Bhahaha
Ready for 2021..

@Koreyography and @2K_The_Real_Deal 

Check out any of these videos to see a little 2K. and Don’t worry.. We definitely have more coming!

Yo Whose Man’s is this?!?!?
2K called it?!

Police 👮‍♂️ “Open Up”

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      Oh thank you, thank you! I just used wordpress to build my site. Checked out your site, I’m a fan of cbd oil, and we do have affiliates but not entirely sure what exactly you are looking for..


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